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Raggiebleu Calypso Secret Love

Raggiebleu Champagne Charlie

Raggiebleu Cool Caspian

Raggiebleu Blossomheart

Female RAG a 04 21 Blue MittedTabby ColourpointSOLD

Raggiebleu Blizzardstar

Female RAG a 21 Blue Tabby ColourpointSOLD

Raggiebleu Bramblestar

Female RAG a Blue ColourpointNOT FOR SALE

Raggiebleu Billystorm

Male RAG a Blue ColourpointSOLD

Raggiebleu Aurelia Mist


Female - RAG a Blue Colourpoint

Full of character, she is fun, playful and cuddly - typical of the breed. A total purr machine. Lovely eye colour.

Fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.

Raggiebleu Charming Angus


Male - RAG a 21 Blue Tabby Colourpoint

Sweet boy, full of fun. Nice eye colour. Growing in to a big boy like his daddy.

Raggiebleu Azalia Moonbeam


Female - RAG a 21 Blue Tabby Colourpoint

Gentle and playful little girl, good eye colour, nice size, slight mismark as tips of rear toes are mitted.

Raggiebleu Dainty Agatha


 Female - RAG a 04 Blue Point Mitted